Tuesday, April 28, 2020

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Life Sew Beautiful

I finished this Buttercup Bag this weekend, and I love it. I found the fabric for the outside, actually, at our Habitat for Humanity ReStore. They had lots of fabric samples that must been given by an upholstery store or something. The square of fabric was a bit smaller than a fat quarter, and I used nearly every inch of the fabric to squeeze the pattern in. I bought the fabric for 50 cents. Yay!

I absolutely love the fat quarter I used for the lining. A few years ago I was in a quilt shop with my mother in law and sister in law, and my m i l told us both to pick a fat quarter or two, as I recall. I picked this one, and I always adored it, but I never had a good idea about what to do with it. I finally found the perfect place for it.
I was making this bag with a friend in mind, but once it was finished, I wasn't sure I could part with it. I would be happy to give it to someone who would love it as much as I do, but what if she didn With some projects, you just can take that chance, I guess, and you have to keep them so that you can be sure they will be loved.

I made this zippered clutch for my cousin Ashley, as part of a Facebook craft exchange. I used Noodlehead tutorial for the gathered clutch, but when I was cutting, I misread and cut the front piece the same size as the back piece, so mine is not gathered. I still think it looks pretty cute. Noodlehead doesn't have instructions for making the wristlet, but I just kind of figured that out on my own. The inside has two card holders, so I think this is a perfect little bag for those times when all you need is a driver license, a credit card, keys, cell phone, and maybe a tube of lipstick!

I made another Buttercup Bag recently. Actually, my 7 year old wanted to and she wanted to make a Buttercup Bag.

The flower embellishment was made using this tutorial. I sewed it onto a safety pin so that I can easily remove it. I think I might like the bag a little bit more without it, but I like that I have the option of putting it on o Nike Factory r leaving it off.

I been planning on making a Buttercup Bag from Made By Rae for a long time, and I finally did it! I love the look of this bag, and I think it very generous of Rae to offer this pattern for free on her website. Check out her Flickr photo stream to see all kinds of variations on this bag from hundreds of talented seamstresses.

I had never used a magnetic snap before, and it wasn't hard at all. I also added some piping to accent the bag, which wasn in Rae pattern. I had thought about taking pictures and writing a tutorial on making piping, but I got too carried away with sewing and didn't bother to take pix. Maybe I can do that another time! Feel free to ask me questions if you a newbie and would like some tips on making a bag of your own!

Nike Factory Now I just got to figure out whether this is for me or for a gift end STORY CONTENT >

About two years ago I was in need of a new purse and decided to make one, because I was really wanting one made out of fabric. So bought a pattern and fabric, cut it all out, and then had doubts about whether I was going to like it. In the meantime, I found a $5 fabric purse on clearance that I liked, had a baby, and switched to a diaper bag, so I never finished the project. Well, lately I been finishing up some half done sewing projects, and this was on the list.

I used Butterick 4944, view C, but I did make some alterations (or rather, some deletions!). The closure of this bag is really unusual. The tab closure is actually really long sewn into the bottom and is supposed to wrap all the way around the back of the bag, over the top, and then finally close with a magnet closure. I asked my sister in law for some advice, and she recommended that I just take the tab closure completely off and just leave the bag as it is without it. I think that was a brilliant idea. If I had it all to do again, I probably still leave the tab closure off, but I put a magnet snap in the main bag.

I think I like this bag. It bigger than I used to, but I like the soft corduroy fabric, and I think the shape is kinda neat.

I made a fun little purse recently for a 9 year old little friend. I had made two of her siblings each a quilt and wanted to send her something handmade too.

The turquoise/green/white/brown one is for my little friend, and the earthy colored one is one I made for myself several years ago.

I used this pattern, which my husband aunt gave me several years ago. It an easy pattern to follow. I used it when teaching a beginning sewer how to sew. For me, I can whip one off pretty quickly with scraps I already have, and it a fun, unique little bag to carry around.

I love using fabric shopping bags for lots of reasons. First of all, they reduce waste. Secondly, they hold a lot more stuff because they more sturdy. Thirdly, they just feel good when you carry them.

I made a couple of these bags using this free pattern. I like this one, because it is the same size and shape as the plastic bags in the store. I guess I feel like it might be easier for a cashier to use this bag and hang it on the metal bars to fill it, but it probably really doesn't matter. Also, this pattern is easy to follow and you can make a bag, probably, in 15 minutes or so.

The Green Bag Lady also has a pattern on her site for a shopping bag. I haven made one of hers yet, but she did send me one as part of a giveaway a couple of years ago, and Nike Factory it a really good, durable bag that I like to use.

Really, there are lots of patterns and tutorials out there for fabric bags. Do you have a pattern you like to use? If so, link to it here!

This is the diaper bag I made for my Baby Girl (Ok, so it was actually for ME. I admit it I used Amy Butler fabric (define Nike Factory italy one of my fav designers) and the pattern was McCall 4403. This pattern was really easy to follow and I enjoyed the entire process. It very roomy with inside pockets and both a shoulder strap and handles.