Wednesday, April 22, 2020

Nike Factory Life Of A Landlord with photos

Life Of A Landlord with photos

Yep, this is what I did today. Had a water leak coming in on top of the window, where a shingle was broke. So rather than spend 2 hours repairing it in the rain, I just used two layers of tin metal and overlapped under the next shingle up.

Nike Factory lifesaving

Now, I’m sure you are wondering.

3.) I had nothing better to do today. Yes, I’m sure I could have spent an hour trying to find someone to go do it, and explain what to do, and hope it was done right. But instead I went into town, grabbed some Starbucks, and climbed up on a ladder and “fixed” the problem temporarily. I’ll look for someone to do a more complete fix next week.

So yes, my time is better spent finding deals, finding investors, and other “higher paying jobs.” However, today I was just hanging out at home doing some house work. And sometime’s a landlord needs to do what needs to get done.

Anyways, just thought I’d sha Nike Factory re a quick inside look at the life of a landlord (at least this landlord.) It’s not always glamorous, fun, or exciting. But I’ll make $250 this month on this property so . hey, I’ll take it. But, what the hell is wrong with you.? I keep trying and trying, and you are still buying Waldos and putting lipstic on them.

The email came in informing me of your post. I was not able to respond sooner as I was in the middle of the CashFlow game with Patrisha and a friend. During the game, my handyman came to pick up a check for


So what is wrong with you my man? You have a kind and gorgeous wife and you make her sit in the car, in the rain, looking at you climb on the roof, which is anything but graceful or artful. The whole time she wished you’d taken her to ballet instead. thanks for the fun post. But one time I remember early on, I had a contractor come out to basically figure out why my electric baseboard heater wasn working, and I told him what I thought, I ended up being right, and he basically cut a 3×3 hole in wall, luckily on the first try found the junction box where my wires were (with power) connected wires to wires across the room and charged almost $375 clams for this!? Ever since then, I told myself, I will learn this and I can see it has helped me be net more. Thoughts?

Last year the guy doing the tile floor in the kitchen in one of Nike Factory my properties offered to teach me how to do it. So I learned how to tile a floor, which was cool to learn and to say “I did that.” But I didn’t like the mess of mortar on my hands so I left him to finish after a bit.

Then another time I had some gutters at a rental property that needed to be cleaned. I’ve done the gutters on my own house, so I started doing these with the handy person. But the stuff inside was nasty; water and bird poop and leaves all mixed together. It was kind of funny how gross it was, but after a little while the novelty wore off and I left telling him to finish the rest himself as I had somewhere I had to be. However, there are times that I was in the area, and it would be quicker for me to respond to the tenant’s needs and fix it, than to wait on getting the maintenance guy there to fix it. SO I do, but having a maintenance person on call, is CLUTCH!

To many people depend on me buying more properties to spend my time fixing minor things.

With that being said, I 100% believe most people need to know how to fix things. If you don’t, contractors will walk all over you and treat you like the way many of of have heard of the “mechanic taking advantage of the single woman”. That said, when things go wrong, sometimes it has to be done. Am I working on systems to make this no longer happen? Of course. But right now I’m in transition with resident managers and finding someone reliable on short notice is not easy. Managing 70+ properties without a manager and holding a double full time job is . interesting.

That said this experiences just emphasizes that I need to spend more time looking for a good handyman. I’ve been more or less passively looking, but I’ll take more of an active role next week.

Finally, as I’ve said before successful people tend to look down on the act of doing your own manual labor. However, I think it’s important (to point out to the newbies) to recognize that the idea of “not working” (manual labor wise) is a relatively new concept in the human scheme of things, and I firmly believe hard work is good for the soul. In fact, in every other culture for all time, the thing that Nike Factory most of the successful people in today’s world do would be considered terribly lazy and something only for old women to do. How did it become so “cool” today? I blame The 4 Hour Workweek :) For me, I enjoy the satisfaction of taking care of a problem, and would much rather fix a leak in the rain than spend my afternoon in a smokey casino, watching TV, sleeping, or in any other way being lazy. Work is not a bad thing, despite what many in the real estate community would have you believe.

My first real job was when I was 14 or 15 ( can’t remember now) lol. It was a fruit/plant market across from my subdivision. Rain, storms, sunshine it didn’t matter I was there.

It was under agriculture so you could work unlimited hours and not be under the labor laws. This was about 24 to 25 years ago so I have read things have changed since then on number of hours worked etc. at that age.

Every job I had after that one which is did fo Nike Factory r about 3 to 4 years was cake. We would get large 18 wheeler trucks and didn’t have the fancy motorized hand trucks. Everything from wheat straw, pine straw, bags of gravel, potting soil, pumpkins, watermelons, plants, bags of potatoes and other foods, etc. We had one person in the truck throwing things off a pallet and the other would catch on the ground and stack up. The rare occasion the owner had a forklift we were in heaven.