Friday, April 24, 2020

Nike Factory Life’s just like your lawn Opi

Life’s just like your lawn Opinion

I have literally lost track of the number of people who said to me that they feel a lot happier because their lawn has gone green. The joy it has brought is noticeable.

Drought breaking rain seems to be a naturally existing form of anti depressant.

OK, the grizzle gases are already thinking “now I have to mow the bloody lawn in the humidity” but pay no mind to the miserable.

The recent rainfall took my mind time machine spinning back 28 years to my days as an apprentice greenkeeper at Windaroo Country Club when I first learnt why rain makes the lawn go green.

Simply put, it because the atmosphere we breathe contains nitrogen, an essential component in fertiliser.

The rain literal Nike Factory y tumbles through the atmosphere absorbing and retaining part of everything that it comes into contact with.

When I learnt that, I remember thinking that water may absorb and retain part of everything it touches but so do people.

We tumble through our life and become the sum of our experiences.

Ironically, humans are 80 per cent water. Perhaps that where our empathy for a thirsty lawn comes from. We are literally a walking, talking, bag of salty water ourselves. The choice we make along the way is do we become fertile or do we become acid rain? How will we affect the part of the world we fall on?

I had an experience recently that brought this into sharp focus.

A woman got in touch with us at Hot Tomato and said her 38 year old sister in law had a stroke in the middle of moving house. The stroke took part of her memory, her vision and her ability to walk. Her partner had to leave his job and become her full time carer. They had no money and they were in deep schtook.

In a time of economic gloom and doom, within an hour of heari Nike Factory ng about it Gold Coasters had donated $5000 in cash and many thousands of dollars in services.

Tradies had donated things like building a wheelchair ramp, pest control and professional cleaning services.
A truckie who refused to be named turned up at the radio station in tears with a thousand bucks cash in his hand. Thank you, phantom t Nike Factory ruckie, happy trails. May the parking angels always leave three empty spaces in a row for you and your truck, sir.

A father and a daughter on their way to school heard the story, looked at one another, diverted to an ATM and parted with a couple of hundred bucks, while on a different part of the Gold Coast, two little boys made their mum take them to Hot Tomato with their allowances in their hand.

Here was another naturally occurring anti depressant it was raining generosity.

Sometimes the landscape of our lives is like your lawn.

It can change overnight. For good or for bad.
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Then it can change back just as quickly so try not to get stuck in a moment.

So next time you feel a little funny, a bit off, anxious or like it all a bit much, take a look at your lawn. Then remember that after the rain the grass will get quickly greener on your side of the fence. That the most important opinion I had this week.