Tuesday, April 21, 2020

Nike Factory Lifesaving kit bags for rural

Lifesaving kit bags for rural GPs

People who suffer heart attacks or other traumas in remote and rural areas will have a be Nike Factory tter chance of survival with the introduction of ‘state of the art’ lifesaving kit bags for eve Nike Factory ry rural GP.

The Sandpiper Trust charity and the British Association of Immediate Care (BASICS) have joined forces to provide not only the equipment, but also training in vital pre hospital emergency care so that patients can be stabilised in the critical ‘golden hour’ after an incident.

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The ‘Sandpiper’ bag contains over 30 essential items such as: sophisticated breathing apparatus, a portable oxygen cylinder, surgical splints, neck collars and protective clothing. Convenient and portable to use, it is hoped that it will eventaully become an international standard.

Deputy Health Minister Mary Mulligan said:

“GPs are so often the difference between life and death in remote areas. For people who live far from an ambulance station, GPs are often the first port of call, and provide lifesaving cover day in, day out.

“The quality of treatment in the first ‘golden hour’ after an incident is all important. That makes it all important that we give them the best tools for the job, as well as the specialist training to give them added confidence in these emergency situations.

“There are 630 General Practitioners in Grampian and the Highlands Islands alone. By providing these professionals with a standard set of emergency equipment and the right training, this initiative will help them do their courageous jobs even more effectively than they do at present.”

Under the scheme, the Sandpiper Nike Factory er Trust is providing the equipment, while Nike Factory BASICS, funded from the Scottish Executive’s 8 million investment into rural services, is providing accident and emergency training, for up to a thousand doctors and nurses over the next three years.

The Sandpiper Trust is a charity formed in May 2001, as a result of the tragic death of Sandy Dickson, a 14 year old from Doune in Perthshire who tragically drowned in a remote part of Canada on August 12th 2000 whilst visiting his grandparents. The aim of the trust is to provide all rural GPs in Scotland with essential emergency medical equipment.

Training to use the bags is provided by BASICS Scotland, funded by 360,000 over three years from the Scottish Executive’s 8 million Remote and Rural Areas Resource Initiative (RARARI). All of those who have completed the BASICS course will receive a Sandpiper bag.