Thursday, May 7, 2020

Nike Factory Life lessons on the edge with

Life lessons on the edge with world class ice climber

Competitive ice and rock climbers suspend themselves, high as eagles with only a couple of toothpick size points for hand or pick holds and sometimes only a little toe wedged foot placement, to complete their stance with the ground falling away hundreds of feet beneath them. Ground lubbers, get in their shoes, imagine dangling from the Calgary Tower, staying composed, focused on the next hold and having the strength and endurance to do a thousand one arm pull ups. For most, doing this would send a fear freeze, locking your body up and making normal brea Nike Factory thing nearly impossible. Who could do this. Many think a world of radical, dirt bags who live life on the edge and of course those that pursue this must be crazy.

Not true. Meet Gordon McArthur, captain of Canadas Olympic Ice climbing team which participated in an exhibition event at the Sochi 2014 Olympics.

Take that walk. A short walk through the woods can do wonders for you. Nature provides that calmness and sparks great thoughts. With our lives so busy we may not even be aware of how much we need this. Ta Nike Factory ke that short walk through the woods and feel the calmness that will enrich your soul. Gordon lead Nike Factory us down a path where we left our busy lives and moved into natures space allowing creative energy to enter on the approach to the rock. Our imagination became endless.

Like a rope swing that gave you the push to reach the sky. We all need the inspiration, those nuggets of encouragement that anything is possible. Gordon provided the positive words to take that next step. I got geared up and ready to rock.

A formidable fort to hide in. Become one with the rock. Providing your mind a sole focus, each hand or foot hold needs Nike Factory full attention. Everyone needs a place to hide away for hours.

Paint a sunny light on all of your waking hours. Gordon helped me overcome some tough moves and make it all the way to the top. His lively, caring and upbeat coaching created a contagious positive atmosphere where anything was possible.

It was another great day outdoors spent with a wonderful, down to earth guy, full of passion who is an incredible ambassador for the outdoors and the sport of climbing.

After Rock time is relax on the rock and share the stories of the day

Read the Book. Rock climbing guidebook to the Lakit Lake climbing area and more, called ast Kootenay Climbing, Cranbrook and Kimberley area by Gordon McArthur

More about Gordon McArthur, the first North American to place in the top 20 the Ice Climbing World Championships.
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