Wednesday, May 6, 2020

Nike Factory Life long sharingAnother t

Life long sharing

Another thing to buy is the school bags.

Some advise us to get one with roller (like lugga Nike Factory ge) since her classroom is on ground floor. She can just pull along.

Some said kids tend to handle those luggage like school Nike Factory l bag carelessly, simply drag and throw, usually the life span is very short for these kind of school bags.
Some recommended us to go for ergo school, those to protect their spinal and prevent like the SPI school bags which has air cushion Nike Factory ones back (the latest version you can refill/pump in the air yourself).

The most expensive one we encountered so far, is the Japanese school bags we sa Nike Factory w in one of the shop in The Curve selling ergonomic furniture. Leather, solid, ergo, has been used for decades in Japan, and the one Ling like the most. (No la, we didn't buy. Just surveying and learning new things about schoolbag).