Wednesday, May 6, 2020

Nike Factory Life of Dreams Shattered wi

Life of Dreams

Shattered windows and the sound of drums

People couldn’t believe what I’d become”

I can’t believe that my interim trip to vietnam has already ended. it seemed like it was so long yet so short at the same time. it’s so sad to know that after this trip, our little interim group is going disband and we’re all going to go in our different directions i might not even see them again. at first it felt like i was so away from the people and that i didn’t know them and i wasn’t going to make friends then with sharon and dahlia, elyse, and lizzy we formed a semi group add in ryan and alex and we had a lot of fun playing mafia and cards indian poker! and then nick on my bus was really cool and we had fun times and then getting here i feel so alone and the people on the trip were so cool and they talked about everything but my hk group of friends have little in common or at least i don’t see them being as close to me as my nj friends or vietnam group. they’re just not th type of friends that i look for like they’re all about video games and cute stuff they’re not sophistcated or they’re not about shopping and having fun not like sharon and elyse. i don’t know what i’m going to do i want a group like vietnam but i know that i’m not going to fit into thir little circle and ten nick is a senior plus he’s got a gf so that would be awkward. sigh i don’t think ill ever find the type of friends that i want just because maybe i don’t come off as party girl or comical girl that’s why i can’t even get into that circle. anyways. it just seems that we got so close and if we only had more time together i mean i’m not that crazy about being at the orphanage and stuff but i’d sacrifice that by just being with that group of people. i felt i sorta belonged and i had fun playing those card games at night were always so much fun and it made me laugh. i don’t think i’ll never forget this trip and how much fun it was plus how meaningful. i truly think i’ve discovered who i am and what i want maybe not all of it. but i at least know more about myself and the type of things i want.

To recap my trip on the first day when we arrived in vietnam we were going to go to the phu my orphanage, but then it was pouring rain and the roads were flooded up to like 77 cm of water you could barely walk in the streets and cars were like 1/4 sunk in water. in 20 years they’ve never seen this. so we didn’t go to the orphanage and instead we sorta did some sightseing by going to this central market and i bought this rice hat for 1 USD. five sophs including me all bought a hat and those were the people i hung out with sharon, lizzi,dahlia,elyse. and then we stayed at the hotel watching tv and then at night we went out for dinner at 3 mien

(3 regions) which was viet and the food was ok. but barely any of us ate anything cuz we’re all spoiled brats and the food was a little bit not suited for my taste. then at night we just went to lizzi’s room and ryan and alex joined us and we playe cards.

On the second day we actually went to phu my and in the morning we took the disabled baby orphans and took them downstairs to see a water puppet show. my baby was really quiet and i don’t think he really understood what was going on. We then went bak to the hotel and rested and then after lunch at a viet pho noodle place which was ok and then we went b Nike Factory ak to the orphanage and had a carnival for the kids which was basically getting bubbles, painting faces and nails, drawing. and i got all dirtied over. nothing else to say. at night we went to an italian restaurant which was ok. not the best and at night we played cards again.

third day we took a 4 hour bus ride to bao loc plantation. we stopped at a supermarket called big c and bought some stuff for the teens and some snacks. we had lunch at a really bad outdoor restaurant which nobody ate anything cuz the food was really bad. we ended in the hotel and the bathroom had no tub and the shower had no water pressure the floor was dirt and stuff was just disgusting. and that night i took the worst shower in my whole life. but anyways, then we went to the plantation and played with the teens/adults i played badminton. then we had diner which was really simple and at night i scratched up my knuckles and they bleeded not fun. not much else.
Fourth day we went to the fields and i picked veggies that day there were some bees and we picked cabbages and stuff that looked like limes on the outside but was orange inside. We had lunch and then went bak to the hotel to rest after went to the plant again and had another carnival for nails, makeup, drawing, and making t shirts. this is when nick and i had a makeup fight where Nike Factory he got lipstck over my hands and shirt and i got some lipstick over him too it was messy but fun. he chased me around the courtyard. : ) And then we had diner at the orphanage and same stuff at night.

Fifth day we went to fields again and this time i picked tea leaves bees but i g Nike Factory ot over them and then carolyn wouldn’t do anything. so me and mr. J picked them all luckily i didn’t get dark but i go a mosquito bite. : ( hopefully it’s ok. and ten afterwards lunch again and rest and then we played with the peeps and i made all these bracelets for this girl thanh and i got a pic of her she was kinda annoying and she clung to me to no end but i made her happy. and since it was our last night we had a farewell ceremony where they did a dance and we danced and sung to them i also found this little girl which was so adorable and i named her suzie. anyways we gave them toothpaste and other stuff and we said goodbye and although i was happy to leave i cried so much i don’t know what came over me but i cried because we had spent so much time with them and now we were leaving and i wold probably never see them again it just made me sad and nick made fun of me by saying i put teardrops in my eyes. lol. anyways.

Sixth day we took another 4 hour ride bak to scar hotel and nick and i talked on the bus and stuff and then we vistied phu my again and i stayed with the babies. we said goodbye to irene and then we went to a mall to shop and i bought a magnet to remind me of vietnam. after we had dinner at this hotel buffet. and we went bak for evening activities and during the whole nick sat next to me an when we played mafia nick made fun of me and we kinda flirted h poked me. i slapped him. we laughed and had a good time it was cool and fun. and we’re good friends and then that night we went to jacky and tingting’s room and we played cards and this game with suits and then after we went back to our rooms we went to lizzi’s and we talked about gross stuff. lol. and ryan and alex came over and we stayed up til 2am. but it was worth it.

Seventh day we got ready to leave and i packed my bags and then we took the bus to the airport our flight was delayed and we played mafia in the airport and nick made funof me again. lol. thn we sand happy birthday to ryan on the plane and i slept and kevin was next to me so we talked and found out we both went to the same chinese school. then we landed and we went thru all the Nike Factory airport stuf and at baggage claim we all separated. it’s so sad to know that we might never talk again especialy me and nick since we got so close. it’s like that second at the airport we just disbanded i really hope that we will still keep in touch. this has been a long entry and my laptop is running outta juice. but eriously it’s good to be home and get an actualyshower. but i think rite now i can sacrifice that if only i was still in vietnam. it hasn’t even been a day and already it seems so long since vietnam. i really miss tha companionship and i just can’t help but feel this hole in my heart and i only wish that hole will be filled. it’s really sad how people come together. and yet one day eventually this is going to happen again so it’s sorta like a cycle in life i can try to keep in touch and i guess only time will tell what will happen with this group. : ( anyways. i had a great time on this trip and i hope that i will never forget it and that i will have even better ones. i realy don’t think that i’ve everhad such an emotional trip.