Wednesday, May 6, 2020

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Life of Mary Shaw

One thing is for certain: I definitely can’t say that my life is boring. After all, how many people can say that they were fast asleep and awoke to a live bat flying around the bedroom ceiling? I *** you not.

It happened to me on Tuesday morning at the ungodly hour of around 3:30! It seemed like a bizarre, demonic dream and I thought that I was imagining things, but unfortunately it was all happening and right before my myopic eyes.
I scrambled, after hearing what sounded like rustling paper, reaching for my glasses (because without them, well, I’m as blind as a bat).

I’m such a girly girl. I rushed over to wake my dad because I was way too chicken to catch the darn thing by myself. To make an unnecessarily long Nike Factory story short, my dad put on thick leather gloves and we tapped everything in my bedroom in the hopes of the bat giving away its hiding place.

It didn’t come out of hiding.

Finally, my dad decided to check the curtains, since when I awoke, I thought that I heard the paper rustling (which was probably the sound its wings made) coming from the window, near the curtains.

It turns out that the bat was hanging inside one of the curtain pockets near the top hooks! Carefully, my dad took down that part of the curtains and he brought it outside. The bat flopped around on the ground a few times before flying away.

If only I had known that in Newmarket, there was recently a case where a rabid bat was found in an infant’s bedroom, I would’ve captured the bat and sent it to the Nike Factory lab for rabies testing. Unfortunately, the bat was free.

What if I was bitten in my sleep? According to what I read on the internet, you may not notice a bat’s bite because it can be as small as a pin prick. Also, once you get the symptoms for rabies, you are basically a goner. The innoculations won’t work. You’re doomed and you’d just have to rely on divine intervention.

Nike Factory
I was freaking out because even though I’ve said before that I’m ready to “go” anytime because right now my life is going great and that I’d go out with a positive bang, I really didn’t want to die yet.

It’s incredible how a stupid little animal like a bat is enough to jeopardize a person’s life. It’s not quite a near death experience and my life didn’t flash before my eyes, but I was obsessed with thoughts of life and death. I thought about all the dumb things I had thought about before, such as shopping for Coach purses or even just watching movies in the theatre (the last one I saw was World Trade Center). At this point, everything fun or hedonic seemed frivalous.

I began thinking about how a person only realizes how much they want to live when they’re faced with the potential of death.

I also thought about who would miss me if I died. I could think of several people, but I was in a pessimistic paranoid frame of mind, so those “several people” weren’t “enough” and I began Nike Factory feeling angry with what a waste of space I was.

Then, I thought about what God might have in store for me. Maybe I shouldn’t fight this and just let the course of nature play out. Maybe it was my time to go. Maybe it wasn’t. Perhaps I wasn’t bitten by the bat. Maybe I was. That night, I had to leave a light on while I slept (something that I had only done a few times as a child). I could hardly sleep a wink because my overly imaginative mind (which helps me in many instances in my life) actually was deleterious to me now. I was physically tired, but somehow, I managed to fall asleep. My doctor gave me the first dose of innoculations on Friday, which consisted of one shot in each leg and one in my arm. These innoculations are preventative measures so that I will not develop rabies, which is a disease that, if you get, is 100% fatal.

I’m sorry to say that ever since I found out that I would be given the inoculations, I have returned to my superficial old ways. I’m no longer obsessing about how wonderful life is and how scary dying and the uncertainty surrounding it must be. I’ve painted my nails a mirror like pale pink (Rimmel 60 Seconds Mirror Nail Polish in 408 Zing), I’ve been looking around on eBay for the light brown, signature jacquard Coach shoulder bag that I’ve been drooling over, and I’ve been staring at the adorable purple faux leather cargo purse that I bought over the weekend that just passed.

(I’m also thinking about getting the pink Motorola Razr cell phone. I absolutely HATE cell phones, but within the past year, I’ve noticed that I’ve had to make lots of “emergency” phone calls, so I may as well become a sucker and get pulled into the cell phone frenzy of doom.)